How to speed up website load time in 15 Minutes

Website load time is important for each website Everyone wants to increase their website loading time.

Why is website Loading time important? 

when people search in Google, Bing or Yahoo All search engine shows a better result for each search.

You have a website in WordPress or you have a blog and you post Articles for your blog than website loading speed really matters for You.

Because Your income from a website depends on google ranking.

Suppose You write quality content for your website And Never getting Views And clicks for slow loading time.

Remember Google can rank your site But when people click on your content in the search engine they come to your website but if your website loading time is slow, Google pushes your website down in Google ranking.

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Here have 5 tips that will help you Speed up Your Website speed

Look !

STEP: 1 Update Everything

Make sure That your WordPress theme, All plugins Are Updated And your WordPress is Also updated. don’t put  Anything in Your website out of date.

Update All Your plugin if Any Pending.

STEP-2 Install Wp-Optimize


Install Wp-optimize plug in your WordPress This plugin Boots up website speed up to 20%-Download WP Optimize Plugin. This plug Helps you to clean website’s spam comments, old Cache files, Home page cache And your post cache files.

After installing this plugin –Go to plugin settingClick On Run All Optimization Now 

Do the process twice in week To speed up website load time.

STEP-3 W3 Total cache

All new and old blogger use this W3 Total cache plugin to boost up their website speed. After installing And customizing this plugin your website speed will increase 60 %.

GO to WordPress Dashboard–Go to w3 Total cache plugin settingsEnable page cache– –Enable Cortez cacheEnable Data cacheEnable browser cacheAfter Doing All settingClick on Save and Purge Setting.

Full Tutorials of w3 Total cache setting-

step-4 Use cloud fare

if you want to speed up your website speed in other country’s Change Your Name server.

Go -click for sign up-Enter Your Website Name-Click scan DNS Records.

After scanning Click on Free-Now  You get  2 Name server Name

Go to Your domain provider Name -Your domain provider name should Maybe Godarddy, HostGatoror maybe other.-select your domain —click on manageEdit Name serverNow enter two name server name(which you got in–Click on Ok.

Step-5 Install Ewww Image Optimizer

Download Ewww Image Optimizer. This plugin Automatically compresses or reduce All your image Sizes.

Due to ImageSize  Reduction  Your All pages or post load faster. it’s Help your sites really faster.

Now Check Your Website SpeedClick Here

If You Do All steps we 101% Sure your website speed will increase.

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